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Hello people, I’m Andy Gardner, Landscape gardening enthusiast and blogger. A little about me, I’m 35, a builder and part time gardener, and also spend most of my free time in the garden! I’m single and live alone, so I get plenty of time to develop my ability! I’m here to share advice and valuable content with you guys. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll find something for you on this blog. From start to finish, you’ll see how to undertake every step of the landscaping process. I’ll be looking to update every week, so remember to visit!

Tips to Accurately Quote a Landscaping Job

Landscaping contractors do a variety of tasks including planting, landscape design, irrigation and path construction to maintain the outdoor space. How much do you charge a client for a landscaping job? This may be a challenging task especially if you’re a newbie in the business.

Most companies lose a landscaping job either because of overbidding or underbidding. You wouldn’t want to lose, right? Well, the trick would be to offer a competitive rate that aside from being affordable would be manageable enough to help you stay in business. How do you do this? Here are a few tips to help you accurately quote a landscaping job.

Tip #1: Determine your Client’s Needs

To be able to present an accurate quotation for the job, you’ll need to have detailed requirements of what your customer wants. Travel to the site if possible to have a view of the area, and make notes of the area. Moreover, you’ll want to map the scope of the work to know all that will be required.

A landscaping job like introducing a new planting scheme will involve clearing plants, digging the plot and collecting new plants. Further, you’ll want to take accurate measurements so as to order the right quantity of materials needed aside from allocating enough time required to complete the project.

Tip #2: Check Prices of Materials with a Supplier

You’ll be able to correctly quote a landscaping job if you check and calculate the quantity of materials needed with a vendor. Look for competitive prices of items like plants and bricks. If possible, ask your preferred supplier for a trade discount. Consider any delivery charges if you’re ordering products that are not available from a local supplier.

Tip #3: Consider Working Hours and Include Contingency

To prepare an accurate quote for the landscaping job, estimate how many hours you’ll take to complete a job on the site. Include a contingency for inclement weather or any unexpected problems. Moreover, it’s equally important to include the time you’ll need to prepare the plans and order the materials required.

Tip #4: Include Additional Labor if Possible

If you’ll be doing the work yourself, that’s okay. If you’ll need to hire extra labor or other specialists like chiang mai property management or any landscape architect or bricklayers, ask about their hourly rates and include it in your quote. Conversely, list all the equipment you’ll need for the job and add the total cost of either hiring or buying them.

Present your Quote

Add the expenses together to get a bidding price. Submit all the costs in a list and don’t forget to include taxes whenever they apply. To determine your profit, subtract the bidding price from your company’s value.

Bonus Tip

If you want to grow and survive in the landscaping business, don’t sell your services very cheap to clients. This will only bring cheap people who are at times too difficult to work with.

What Are Some Recommendations For Zero Maintenance Landscaping

Zero maintenance landscaping is a myth – if you have a patio with no plants you will need to sweep it, to keep it looking good. There are some landscaping ideas that require almost no maintenance and here are a few recommendations.

Artificial plants can be used to form hedges and most are UV protected and very life-like.

Use multicolored sand and gravel with a few native plants that are bordered with a couple of rocks. Pick native plants, it will keep water usage to the minimum.

Succulent plants with gravel require almost no maintenance and very little water.Replace your lawn with sand, gravel or use ornamental grasses. Gravel makes it harder for weeds to grow back, cutting down on weeding.

Invest in mulch beds, it fertilizes your plants and prevents weeds. It is inexpensive and you only replace it in spring.

An alternative to mulch is to use crushed stone in beds. You never have to replace it.Opt for perennials such as hens-and-chicks or yuccas. They are both tough plants and grow well in rock gardens.

Make use of potted plants, they are versatile and low-maintenance.Consider artificial grass as it requires zero upkeep, and your kids and dogs will not tear it up.

These are just a few quick and simple ways to zero maintenance landscaping. Just add your imagination to have a beautiful garden, that will not take your weekends away.